Charles Nelson

TEAM: Team 2 Drakes

HOME: South Australia

My goal: $2,500.00

I have raised: $5,677.25

Why I want to help cure cancer

My mother-in-law, Sandy Loffler, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour in May 2015 and passed away less than 18 months later. The cause of this type of brain cancer, glioblastoma, is currently unclear, the cancer is very difficult to treat and a cure is not often possible. Glioblastoma kills more adults than any other brain tumour and takes more young lives than any other disease.   I want to assist with raising funds for further research into glioblastomas such as the brain tumour research projects at the CCB – a UniSA SA Pathology partnership and the Flinders Foundation. Please help me!

My community partners

  • Greenhill Wines
  • Kay Brothers Amery Winery
  • University of South Australia


I hope it has all gone well. Thank you for your efforts and commitment.
Tony Loffler