Adrian Burgess

TEAM: Sunrise - Team 6

HOME: Queensland

My goal: $50,000.00

I have raised: $22,230.00

Why I want to help cure cancer

At a young age I grew up with my mother fighting Cancer and it finally took her from us when I was 20 years old. This past year, my ex wife fought a short 4 month battle with Cancer and she died at just 52 year old in August. Cancer is something that touches nearly all of us, in one way or another. We owe it to all those less fortunate than ourselves to do our small part where we can to raise awerness and funds to help fight this.

I'm honoured to have been accpected to take part in this years ride, it will be a hard and an emotional journey, but nothing compared to those fighting it right now.  

So my daughter and I have pledged to do what we can by raising awerness and funds to help support the fight against cancer.

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Good luck ATB, this donation is for Val.
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