Michael Flanagan

HOME: New South Wales

My goal: $0.00

I have raised: $3,380.00

Why I want to help cure cancer

As a cancer survivor, I understand that life is very precious. We all have a great opportunity to leave a positive mark on this world and need the most time to do this.Unlike my mother, aunty, uncle and grandmother who passed away from cancer too early, I have been blessed with the gift of adding value to other's lives. This gift needs to be shared with as many people as possible. Curing different forms of cancer gives us all a chance to do this - to give others the opportunity to be great. Sometimes our efforts do not allow us to cure cancer however, our positive attitude, leadership, friendship and smiles can help soften the blow. Having previously raised money for Camp Quality, I know that supporting and giving your time to families and individuals with cancer helps. I was privileged to have raised enough money to provide a full weekend of enjoyment to a group of families that have suffered. However, curing is the key.

My community partners

  • Barrington Group Australia:- www.barringtongroup.com.au


A gift from BB’s mum
Ursula van Opdorp