? Tour de Cure Rider Level Definitions

Tour de Cure Rider Level Definitions

We're passionate about teaching newcomers how to ride with us. We encourage everyone to take a look at our skills levels, self-assess where you are, and get in touch. 

Bike & Peloton Skills

Select the level you are currently working towards from the below options:

Level 1 – New Rider

Can clip in/out of cleats, steering skills, brake smoothly and change gears

Level 2 – Introductory

Introduction into peloton riding side by side in small groups, can ride in all handlebar positions - hoods (ie on top), flats, drops (ie lower handles)

Learning to call obstacles, change from singles to doubles in peloton, turning and lane changing

Riding 10-30km at average 20+ km/hr (on flat terrain)

Ride 10-50 km per week

Learning bike and peloton skills on closed roads

Level 3 – Elementary

Comfortable riding and descending in pelotons, can eat and drink while riding, moves easily between sitting and standing pedalling positions.

Descends in the drops and understands effective cadence pedalling

Riding 30-70km at average 22-24 km/hr (on flat terrain)

Ride 50-100 km per week

Learning bike and peloton skills on public roads

Level 4 – Intermediate

Learning more advanced peloton riding skills and able to signal directions, descends confidently, maintains effective cadence and peloton positioning. Climbing as a peloton.

Riding 90-120km on flat & hilly terrain at average 23-26km/hr in a peloton, 23 km/hr solo

Learning to ride 150-250 km per week

Minimum requirement for 2-4 day Tour or Tour Experience.

Level 5 – Experienced Intermediate

Comfortable handling a bike in all weather and road conditions and peloton riding conditions

Riding 100-150km at 1000-1500m at average 26-30 km/hr in peloton, 24-26 km/hr solo

Average 200-300km per week with back to back long rides

Any TDC Tour ready, in a peloton

Level 6 – Advanced

Higher level of bike handling in all road and weather conditions in a peloton

Higher peloton dynamic skills including finer 'engine room', mid-peloton skills and mentor rider

Riding 120-150km at 1500m at average 28-32 km/hr in peloton, 25-29 km/hr solo(on all terrain)

Average 250+km per week with multiple back to back rides

Download the Rider Levels

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