? Why cancer? – Tour de Cure

Cancer brings heartbreak

Cancer is happening all around us, stealing the lives of far too many of our loved ones.

Through our work, we deal with cancer every day so we understand how valuable life is. We're determined to provide fresh hope to people touched by cancer by funding the boldest research and the most brilliant scientists.

Did you know?

1 in 2 Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. 

While survival rates have improved dramatically over the past 50 years, more Australians are also being diagnosed. 


We're determined to change this.

What is cancer

Put simply, cancer is a disease of the cells, which are the body’s basic building blocks.

Cancer occurs when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way. These abnormal cells can damage or invade the surrounding tissues, or spread to other parts of the body, causing further damage. There are more than 200 different types of cancer.

Outsmarting cancer

Cancer evolution is the single biggest challenge that scientists and researchers face in creating better treatment for those affected.

Although we have seen some great advances against cancer in recent times, the disease is constantly evolving and finding new ways to resist the effects of therapy. It's an ongoing battle to stay one step ahead of the disease, which is why funding is so important. More funding means more research and more research means more chance of breakthroughs.

Being pro-active with your health

Some people inherit damaged DNA from their parents, which can get give them an increased risk of certain cancers. For example, the genes linked with breast, ovarian, prostate and other cancer. Early detection and treatment is critical, so wherever we have a presence, we always encourage people to get regular health check-ups.

Healthy living

Healthy living is not a sure-fire way of beating cancer. But it will definitely stack the odds in your favour and reduce the risk of developing the disease. We actively promote health and wellbeing through all of our activities.

Meet Penny Dew

Sadly, in this day and age, it is rare to come across someone who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way, whether it is a friend, colleague or family member. For me however, it has been all of the above, and personally when I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer myself in 2008 at age 34. During this time, I learnt a lot about myself, and a lot about cancer! Why are there still so many unanswered questions? Why is it that there is no cure for some forms of cancer? What is it we are doing that is making cancer so prevalent these days, particularly in the younger generations? Funding and research needs to continue to assist in not only finding a final cure for cancer, but moving forward in improving screening, diagnosis, treatment, support and education protocols for the generations of the future. If I can offer some time and resources to support that, I’m in!! I now feel the time is right to do something for the cause, and given my health, wellness and fitness background, Tour de Cure and their program to Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy seems to be the perfect fit.

We're tackling cancer.   See how we do it

We're tackling cancer.

Where does the money go?   Find out more

Where does the money go?

There's a tour for you.   See open tours 

There's a tour for you.

What's it like to have cancer?

Tour de Cure ambassador, Jake Bailey, is a cancer survivor.

Find out how TDC is tackling cancer

Do you need some support?

Our TDC family have put together some information to help.

Grieving - Surviving to Thriving


scientific cancer breakthroughs


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