Are you thinking about starting a recurring donation to help cure cancer?

  • Below are the details on what a recurring payment is and how it works.

Recurring transfer donations with Tour de Cure are facilitated through Westpac’s Payway secure system and can be made from both Credit Card accounts and Bank accounts.

After filling out your details below for Tour de Cure’s records, you will be directed to Westpac’s secure system to set up your recurring donation plan.

The donation plan that you set up in Westpac Payway system enables you to choose the amount you deduct. A minimum amount of $25 or more can be set up and you can elect to deduct either fortnightly or monthly.

After successfully completing your set up for a recurring donation and while you are still in the Westpac Payway system, you should print a copy of your donation information for your records.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. For every donation that is successful you will be emailed by the 20th of the following month a tax deductible receipt from Tour de Cure.

Start a Recurring donation today.