Since 2007, the exceptionally talented scientists and researchers we've funded, have made incredible progress and achieved some amazing breakthroughs across all areas of cancer research, support and prevention.

Thank you so much for your support. Together, we're helping Australians to live happier, healthier and longer lives.

We fund brilliant minds
Cancer doesn't discriminate and neither do we. We fund all types of cancer research projects, from basic research to late phase clinical trials. We also offer funding to the most talented cancer research leaders of tomorrow. We're proud that we've funded more than 250 cancer projects and achieved 18 significant cancer breakthroughs so far.
We bring comfort and support 
Cancer takes a terrible emotional, physical and financial toll on those it affects. Nobody should have to face cancer alone. We find and fund incredible cancer support projects that make all the difference to patients, families, caregivers and communities - from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.
We raise awareness 
We know that 1 in 3 cancers are preventable so we fund cancer prevention projects across Australia. We also actively raise awareness about cancer risks and promote healthy living to schools through our Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program.

In 2016 we supported: 

12 Cancer Research Projects, including:
  • Development of a new therapeutic agent to treat childhood leukaemia
  • Development of small molecules to disrupt cancer's DNA architecture to kill cancer
 9 Cancer Support projects, including:
  • ‘Supporting Someone with Cancer’ Program that aims to reduce the carer burden, stress and isolation, including children and youth impacted by a family members' cancer diagnosis.
  • Establishment of five new protective isolation rooms with ‘negative airflow’ at the Bone Marrow Transplant Ward, St Vincent’s Hospital. 
4 Cancer Prevention Projects, including:
  • International birth cohort studies to find a child’s increased risk of developing cancer in order to prevent it.
  • Bowel cancer prevention and screening tour
For details of all cancer projects funded, please see our full list

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