Board Award

2016 - Simon McCarroll

2015 - Lisa Healey

2014 - Justin Pratt

2013 - Sally & Michael McAuliffe

2012 - Danny Moore

2011 - Paul Egan, Garrick Transell, Ian Salmon

2010 - Joshua McBride & Malcolm Heath

2009 - Amy Copcutt, Andrew 'Max' Walker, Sinclair Black

2008 - Malcolm Heath, Phil Mouret

2007 - David Lo

Chapeau Jersey Winners


Signature Tour Riders - Andrew Woodward, Clint Bowen, David Curran, Mark Beretta

Service & Support - Simon McCarroll, Linda Ross

Country Tour Riders - Shane Thomas, Steve Neervoort

Stage Riders - Maurice Melis, David Torrance

Corporate Tour Riders - Steve Greentree, Ralph Kemmler


Signature Tour Riders - Andrew Woodward, Tony Corelli, Mark Beretta, Clint Bowen

Service & Support - Simon McCarroll, Ann Smith

Country Tour Riders - Sean Cunial, Rob Kidman

Guest Riders - Peter Hing, Chris Williams


Signature Tour Riders - Mark Beretta, Andrew Woodward, Simon McCarroll, Graeme Stewart

Service & Support - Gareth Williams, Owen Barnett

Country Tour Riders - Derek Carroll, Rob Farrar

Guest Riders - Peter Hing, Rob Phipps


Signature Tour Riders - Mark Beretta, Tim Brown, Simon McCarroll, Kevin Russell

Service & Support - Geoff Coombes, Ann Smith

Country Tour Riders - David Boundy, Graeme Stewart

Guest Riders - Bruno Maurel, Chris Williams


Signature Tour Riders - Mark Beretta, Tim Brown, David Curran, Simon McCarroll

Service & Support - Gary Bertwistle, David Duff

Country Tour Riders - Callum Eade, Heidi Bramberger

Guest Riders - Bruno Maurel, Michael McAuliffe

Community Fundraising Award

2016 - Tour de Rocks - Armidale

2015 - Tour de Rocks - Armidale

2014 - Tour de Rocks - Armidale

2013 - Tour de Rocks - Armidale

2012 - Biloela's 'Bush to Bridge' Team - Don, Di, Gary & Naomi

Individual Community Fundraiser Award

2016 - Don & Di Morris

2015 - Sinclair Black

2014 - Reid Meldrum

2013 - Brett & Fran Camm

Corporate Tour Fundraising Award

2016 - Commonwealth Bank for CAN4CANCER Tour 2015

2015 - Woolworths Limited for '2014 Woolies on Wheels'

Margaret Mead Award (Volunteer of the Year)

2016 - Steve Thom

2015 - Marg Bailey

2014 - David Duff

2013 - Owen Barnett

TDC $100k Club


Clint Bowen (started with TDC 2014)

Rob Phipps (started with TDC 2011)

Chris Williams (started with TDC 2012)

Murray King (started with TDC 2010)

Chester Wong (started with TDC 2012)

Bruno Maurel (started with TDC 2008)

Peter Hing (started with TDC 2014)

Phil Lynch (started with TDC 2012)

Sinclair Black (started with TDC 2009)

Ian Robinson (started with TDC 2011)

Paul Egan (started with TDC 2010)


Justin Pratt (started with TDC 2010)

Kevin Russell (started with TDC 2012)

Andrew Woodward (started with TDC 2013)

Simon McMenamie (started with TDC 2009)

Tony Corelli (started with TDC 2013)

Lisa Healey (started with TDC 2011)

Geoff Coombes (started with TDC 2007)


Danny Moore (started with TDC in 2010)

David Kinsman (started with TDC in 2010)

Gary Bertwistle (started with TDC in 2007)

Graeme Stewart (started with TDC in 2009)

Michael McAuliffe (started with TDC in 2010)

Reid Meldrum (started with TDC in 2010)

Simon Thomas (started with TDC in 2011)


Simon McCarroll (started with TDC in 2010)

Tim Brown (started with TDC in 2012)

David Curran (started with TDC in 2012)


Malcolm Heath (started with TDC in 2007)


Owen Barnett (started with TDC in 2009)

Mark Beretta (started with TDC in 2010)


Phil Mouret (started with TDC in 2008)

TDC $200k Club


Andrew Woodward (started with TDC 2013)

TDC $300k Club

Simon McCarroll (started with TDC 2010)

TDC $400k Club

Mark Beretta (started with TDC 2010)

Current Committees:

Ball Committee

Chaired by Dominique Robinson, the committee is responsible for the production and management of the Tour de Cure Snow Ball, which has quickly become one of Sydney’s premier events since its launch in 2014. 

Julie Briscoe, Will Brunton, Jon Cammell, Matt Clarke, David Collins, Maz Coote, Kylie Ferreira, Rosemary Grant, Teegan Hazell, Magdalena Lapcevic, Viera Macikova, Di Malnersic, Dora Mantikos, Caitlin Maurel, Jenny Mattiske, Flavio Paoli, Jacqui Parshall, Santina Porpiglia, Cassandra Prothero, Dominique Robinson, Janie Simpson, David Wallace

Technology Committee:

Chaired by Steve Thom, the committee reviews our existing IT and technology capabilities, including privacy, data management and security, to ensure we adhere to best practice and performance.  

Tom Barker, Conrad Chang, Dave Curran, Gabi Custodio, Phil Gallant, David Mann, Danny Moore, Troy Smith, Steve Thom

Recruitment and Alumni Committee

Chaired by Danny Moore, the committee engages with our alumni to nurture and strengthen existing relationships, and identifies new opportunities to market and grow our organisation.

Heidi Bramberger, Jodi Harris, Kathy Mason, Josh McBride, Danny Moore, Justin Pratt

Research, Support and Prevention Committee

Chaired by Paul Mirabelle, the committee oversees the peer review of applications for Tour de Cure funding, sets out the terms and conditions for funding applications, and supports delivery of our strategic priorities.  

Julie Briscoe, Sue Alexander, Samantha Hollier-James, Lynne Mann, Michael McAuliffe, Paul Mirabelle

Grants Committee

Chaired by David Mann, this a newly formed committee and will look at government funding, funding from trusts and foundations etc.

Ride Committee

Chaired by Gareth Jones, the committee identifies the safety risk and compliance requirements of our tours and events. It reviews environmental, social responsibility and community considerations and helps to prepare and train riders for the physical and mental challenges of tour. 

Brendan Beckett, Peter Braine, Geoff Coombes, Mal Heath, Gareth Jones, Simon McMenamie